“Home Safe” by Elizabeth Berg

Berg, Elizabeth.  Home Safe.  (F Ber)

Recently widowed Helen Ames and her twenty-seven-year-old daughter Tessa discover that money has disappeared in several big withdrawals from the Ames’ retirement savings. What Helen’s husband did with all their money turns out to be provocative, revelatory–and leads Helen and her daughter to embark on new adventures, and change.

Reader 1:

5  Another Berg success–wonderful read, never disappointing.

Reader 2:

2  I usually like her books but the main character here was whiny and annoying.

Reader 3:

3-4  It was interesting, some good insight.  She is a bit whiny at times but worth it.  Good ending.

Reader 4:

2  Disappointing.  The main character is annoying and helpless.  Giving her daughter the $800,000 house, unrealistic.

Reader 5:

4  I think Helen was not whiny and helpless but going through her time of grief and pain–which is hard to understand unless you’ve been there.

Reader 6:

5  I loved this book.  The character was STRONG–she had to change and she did.  If one has not experienced grief one cannot totally understand this book.

Reader 7:

(no rating)  Role reversal–her daughter is the grown-up.  Had a tough time with the $750,000!  Different world.

Reader 8:

3  It’s such a good story but the main character comes across as so dysfunctional.  I guess there are women like that who can’t cope on their own.  I didn’t have that much sympathy for her–too whiny and such a SUFFOCATING mother.

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