David Baldacci Read-Alikes

(Last Man Standing, Wish You Well, True Blue, Absolute Power, The Camel Club, The Collectors, First Family)

Baldacci is known for his suspense-filled thrillers, filled with intricate plots, honorable heroes and lightning-fast pacing.  His books also contain a lot of “on-the-job” insider details (such as in the world of politics and finance) and always have a satisfying ending where good wins and bad is punished.

If you enjoy Baldacci’s books, try:

James Grippando (Baldacci fans might like his complex and suspenseful novels.  Try beginning with Found Money)

Stephen Cannell (if your favorite aspect of Baldacci’s work is his focus on crime and corruption, you might like Cannell’s quickly paced and cinematic books—try The Plan or King Con, if you like action)

Michael Connelly (try his stand-alone novel Void Moon for a story of a likeable character caught in a desperate situation, told with a fast pace and plenty of detail)

Kyle Mills (if you enjoy the way Baldacci creates suspense with politics, you might like Mills’ stories of conspiracy and political machinations.  Try Free Fall)

Brad Meltzer (readers who like many kinds of thrillers might enjoy Meltzer’s books, where good protagonists are thrust into suspenseful fights against corruption—try Zero Game or The First Counsel)

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