Tom Clancy Read-Alikes

(The Hunt for Red October, Red Storm Rising, Red Rabbit, The Teeth of the Tiger)

Tom Clancy invented the Techno-Thriller with The Hunt for Red October.  His books are a blend of action, adventure, and technology, most often with great details about the military.  His writing style is very conversational, which appeals to many readers.  Clancy’s books tell the stories of military men in communities of men, and women very seldom appear.  His heroes are moral and patriotic, and their tales are told with a quick pace and explosive conclusions.

If you like Clancy’s work, you might try:

Stephen Coonts (if you enjoy the general themes, plots, and overall feel of Clancy’s books, you might try Coonts.  Start with America or Flight of the Intruder)

David Poyer (fans of expert military details might enjoy Poyer’s work—try Black Storm)

Dale Brown (readers who like strong heroes with strong opinions and sense of duty might like Brown’s techno-thrillers.  Try Warrior Class)

Joe Weber (while his books contain a few more romantic entanglements than Clancy’s, readers might still enjoy his military action/adventures—try Dancing with the Dragon)

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