Susan Wittig Albert Read-Alikes

(China Bayles mysteries, Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter series, Victorian mystery series)

Albert’s novels are cozy mysteries with very strong female protagonists, told with subtle humor and a touch of whimsy.  She also incorporates a bit of gentle romance, usually friendships that grow into something more for her main characters.  Her Beatrix Potter series as well as the Victorian mystery series (written with her husband under the pseudonym Robin Paige) are well-researched and well-described.  All but the first book in the Victorian mystery series include historical figures in leading roles.

If you like Susan Wittig Albert, try:

Agatha Christie  (her Miss Marple books feature a strong, independent woman solving small-town crimes, but with a decidedly British sensibility.  Try The Body in the Library or A Murder is Announced)

Alexander McCall Smith  (try the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series for a similar—strong female lead, cozy, small-town, hint of romance–read to the China Bayles series)

Stephanie Barron  (her Jane Austen mysteries might appeal to fans of the Robin Paige books—well-crafted historical mysteries with an historical figure at the center)

Rita Mae Brown  (fans of the Beatrix Potter series might enjoy the blend of fantasy and cozy mystery in Brown’s novels, as well the small-town intrigue and slight romance.  Try Outfoxed, the first in the Sister Jane Foxhunting mysteries)

2 thoughts on “Susan Wittig Albert Read-Alikes

  1. Thanks for including me in such stellar company. One small correction (although given the research involved, it’s not small at all): All but the first of the the Robin Paige mysteries feature real people, not as cameos, but in leading roles. The first book includes a couple of real people, in cameo roles.

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