Charlaine Harris Read-Alikes

(Aurora Teagarden mysteries, Southern Vampire series, Lily Bard (Shakespeare) series, Harper Connelly series)

While best known for her Southern Vampire series, Harris also writes several other mystery series, each with wonderfully engaging and believable heroines and well-drawn Southern settings.  Harris is adept at blending mystery, romance, urban fantasy, and the paranormal to create unique and endlessly fun novels that appeal to many different readers.

If you enjoy Charlaine Harris, you might like:

Keri Arthur (if you like the Southern Vampire novels and would like to try something similar  but a bit darker and more explicit, try her series beginning with Full Moon Rising)

Sandra Balzo (fans of the Aurora Teagarden books might like Uncommon Grounds, a cozy mystery with a heroine similar to Aurora)

Rachel Caine (her Weather Garden series might appeal to fans of Sookie Stackhouse and Harper Connelly—Joanne Baldwin has special powers and a romantic relationship with a djinn.  Start with Ill Wind)

MaryJanice Davidson  (readers who enjoy the Southern Vampire series might like her novels about a valley girl turned queen of the vampires, starting with Undead and Unwed)

Katie MacAlister (her witty, sensual, and extremely creative paranormal romances might appeal to Harris fans.  Try You Slay Me, the first in the Aisling Grey, Guardian series, or the hilarious and sexy standalone A Girl’s Guide to Vampires)

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