Jayne Ann Krentz Read-Alikes

(All Night Long, Dangerous Affair, Sizzle and Burn, Fired Up, Eclipse Bay, Grand Passion)

Krentz is an extremely prolific author of several different types of romances, running from contemporary to historical to paranormal.  Her talent for storytelling, though, is present no matter the genre she’s writing in.   The characters that populate her books are quirky with well-drawn lives and interests, and they are always sympathetic and relatable.  Krentz’s romances emphasize trust and commitment, and this forms the basis for her to add lively humor and well-constructed worlds in order to tell her stories.

If you enjoy Krentz’s books, you might like:

Tori Carrington (if you enjoy the Eclipse Bay books, you might like Carrington’s series about five brothers in law enforcement—start with A License to Thrill)

Stephanie Bond (if your favorite aspect of Krentz’s earlier romantic suspense is her lively comedy, you might like the banter-filled Got Your Number)

Shirley Hailstock (fans of Krentz’s edgier and more menacing romantic suspense might like Hailstock’s More than Gold)

 Anne Stuart (if you liked Absolutely, Positively and/or enjoy paranormal romance, you might try Cry for the Moon)

Millie Criswell (if you enjoyed the family life portrayed in The Golden Chance, or you just enjoy funny contemporary romance, you might like The Trouble with Mary)

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