Jane Austen Read-Alikes

(Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park)

Austen wrote witty and satiric romantic comedies (or comedies of manners), with strong characters (especially her heroines), and wonderful detail of country life in early 19th century England—particularly the overwhelming economic, social, and personal role that marriage played in women’s lives.  Her well-crafted stories, wry observations, and moments of romance keep readers hooked.

If you like Austen’s books, try:

Charlotte Brontë (Jane Eyre might be a good choice for readers after a classic with a strong heroine and a slightly darker tone)

Elinor Lipman (while her novels are modern and much quirkier, she captures the wit and societal observation that Austen had in abundance.  Try The Pursuit of Alice Thrift)

Patrick O’Brian (his style is actually not too different from Austen’s, and his books have the same well-crafted plots and strong characters.  His novels are also set in Austen’s time period and deal with the same issues of honor, society, and duty.  Start with Master and Commander for an Austen-esque style in a world of men)

Elizabeth Gaskell (Wives and Daughters might appeal to Austen fans who enjoy 19th century atmosphere and stories of love affairs and marriage)

Jude Morgan (if you love Austen for the Regency setting and/or wry observation mixed with romance, you might like Morgan’s novels Passion or Indiscretion)

Georgette Heyer (her witty, wonderfully researched Regency romances with brilliantly realized characters have been called the next best thing to Austen–try starting with The Grand Sophy or The Nonesuch)

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