Stephanie Meyer Read-Alikes

(Twilight series, The Host)

Meyer is best known for her Twilight series, a supernatural romance centered on vampires, werewolves, and a young woman named Bella.  Her work features very romantic male and female leads, light horror, and a certain “can’t-put-it-down” readability.  The most important aspect of the Twilight books, though, is the love story.

If you like Meyer’s books, try:

 P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast  (the House of Night series is quite similar to Meyer’s work in pacing, characters, and subject—though this series deals with a boarding school full of fledging vampires)

 Anne Rice (if your favorite part of Twilight was the vampires and descriptions of vampire “life,” try Rice’s modern classic Interview with the Vampire)

 Christopher Moore (if you’d like a vampire love story that’s the opposite of Twilight, full of quirky characters, bawdy screwball humor, horror, and poignancy, try Bloodsucking Fiends)

Annette Curtis Klause  (her Blood and Chocolate is about a teenage werewolf who falls in love with a boy at her school—it’s filled with horror, suspense, and romance)

Charlaine Harris (fans of supernatural romance might like her funny Southern Vampire series.  Start with Dead Until Dark)

Libba Bray (if you like Twilight mainly for Bella and Alice, you might enjoy A Great and Terrible Beauty, a fantasy set in a girls’ school in Victorian England)

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