Janet Evanovich Read-Alikes

(The Stephanie Plum series, Metro Girl, Full Tilt)

Evanovich is known for her laugh-out-loud Stephanie Plum books, which contain a wonderful mix of several mystery sub-genres: the quirks of a cozy, the style of a private investigator, and the grit and tone of a police procedural.  Stephanie Plum herself is a large draw, as a sassy and tough bounty hunter in training.  There’s also an undercurrent of romance in Evanovich’s books, adding another layer to these fun, edgy page-turners.

If you like Janet Evanovich, you might like:

Nancy Bartholomew (if you like hilarious mysteries with sassy heroines, you might want to try the Sierra Lavotini series.  Miracle Strip is the first)

Sarah Strohmeyer (the Bubbles Yablonski series might appeal to Evanovich fans, with its blend of mystery, romance, and action in an urban setting—with plenty of snappy dialogue.  Start with Bubbles Unbound)

Anthony Bruno (his Loretta Kovacs mysteries are very similar to the Stephanie Plum books, except in their slightly serious tone.  You might try Devil’s Food to begin)

Marne Davis Kellogg (try her Bad Manners if you would like a very similar read to the Stephanie Plum books—except for an older heroine and a higher body count)

Lawrence Block (readers who like the wit and situational comedy of Evanovich’s books might enjoy the Bernie Rhodenbarr series, beginning with Burglars Can’t Be Choosers, while those who like the grittier side of Stephanie Plum might like the Keller series, starting with Hit Man)

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