Maeve Binchy Read-Alikes

(Heart and Soul, Circle of Friends, Light a Penny Candle, Tara Road, Whitethorn Woods)

Binchy writes gentle stories of women’s lives and relationships.  Her stories are upbeat and allow the reader to form an emotional connection to the characters.  Characters are much more important than plot in a Maeve Binchy novel.

If you like Binchy’s books, you might try:

Rosamunde Pilcher (her books are a bit more romantic, but Binchy fans might really enjoy how timeless, heartwarming, and character-centered her books are)

Lynne Hinton (if you enjoy the tone and pace of Binchy’s books as much as the characters, you might like Friendship Cake, set in North Carolina)

R.F. Delderfield (if you just enjoy gentle, heartwarming character-centered stories, you might like Delderfield’s books.  Try To Serve Them All My Days)

Joanna Trollope (while her books are not as gentle as Binchy’s, and are often quite bittersweet, readers might still enjoy her style and leisurely pace, as well as her focus on women’s lives—try Girl from the South or A Passionate Man)

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