Lee Child Read-Alikes

(the Jack Reacher novels)

British author Child writes thrillers that star Jack Reacher, a former military police major.  Reacher is actually a big part of the series’ appeal—he solves crimes using a mix of brilliant sleuthing and practiced violence, he’s very big, very smart, and very tough, and always wins in the end.  These mystery-thrillers have great doses of atmosphere, suspense, and puzzle-solving.

If you enjoy Child’s books, you might also enjoy:

Michael Connelly (fans of Reacher might also like Harry Bosch—try The Closers)

Louis L’Amour (try his Westerns for tales of justice with loner heroes—Hondo might be a good choice)

Stephen Hunter (if you enjoy stories about tireless pursuits of justice, as well as complex storylines, you might like Hunter’s work.  Try Point of Impact)

P.T. Deutermann (his books have plenty of violent action, suspense, and military detail—try starting with Cat Dancers)

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