James Patterson Read-Alikes

(Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls, 1st to Die, The Beach House, The Quickie, Beach Road)

Patterson writes hard-edged suspense novels that keep readers engrossed.   The pacing is lightning-quick, keeping the story moving and the suspense building—the action never stops in his novels.  Another appealing aspect of his books is that the voice switches between the killer and detective, creating and building the suspense.  Patterson also uses some elements of mystery and police procedurals in his books, since he deals with serial killers.  The hallmark of his work, though, is his ability to maintain edge-of-your-seat suspense and a breakneck pace throughout his stories of killers and detection.

If you enjoy Patterson’s books, you might also enjoy:

John Sandford (if you enjoy suspense novels with some elements of mystery, you might like his bleak tales of serial murders.  Start with Rules of Prey or The Night Crew)

Greg Iles (his writing is more elegant than Patterson’s, but he employs the same complex suspense—begin with Mortal Fear)

Ridley Pearson (if you like Patterson’s subject matter more than his pacing, then you might enjoy the depth and thoughtfulness of Pearson’s suspense novels.  Try Middle of Nowhere)

Jeffrey Deaver (if you like a fast pace, plot twists, menace, and plenty of psychological overtones, you might like The Devil’s Teardrop)

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