Kristin Hannah Read-Alikes

(Winter Garden, Comfort and Joy, Summer Island, The Things We Do for Love, Magic Hour, On Mystic Lake)

Hannah writes books about women’s lives and relationships, with a lot of focus on women who rediscover or reinvent themselves in middle life (usually after a trauma or upset).  Touches of magic and spirituality give something extra to her stories.  There’s always a comforting message and a fulfilling ending in her books.  Mood, tone and setting are also very important in her books, and she pays a lot of attention to creating an atmosphere of urgency, longing and hope.

If you like Hannah’s books, try:

Barbara Delinsky (if you like the way Hannah draws you into her characters’ lives and emotions, you might like Delinsky’s books—try Lake News)

Luanne Rice (her books are quite similar to Hannah’s in their hopeful tone and stories of women re-inventing and re-discovering themselves.  Perhaps try Safe Harbor)

Sandra Steffen (readers who enjoy Hannah’s explorations of how families respond to hardship as well as her focus on re-examining one’s life might enjoy Steffen’s poignant Day by Day)

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