Michelle Moran Read-Alikes

(Madame Tussaud, Cleopatra’s Daughter, The Heretic Queen, Nefertiti)

Moran’s historical fiction boasts excellent research and strong heroines, as well as a fantastic sense of place, whether she’s transporting readers to Ancient Egypt or 18th century France.  Her style is extremely engaging, well-paced, and plot-driven, with lots of period detail that readers can really appreciate.  She focuses on family drama and intrigue, but does not include graphic violence or sex.

If you enjoy Moran’s novels, you might also like:

Philippa Gregory (her novels about Tudor England are a bit steamy, but readers who appreciate Moran’s style, characters and research might want to give them a try.  Start with The Constant Princess or The Other Boleyn Girl)

Sarah Dunant (try In the Company of the Courtesan for a lush and vivid story set in 16th century Venice)

Emma Donoghue (her historical novels are brilliantly researched and well-characterized, and based on actual historical accounts.  Try Slammerkin or The Sealed Letter)

Matthew Pearl (readers who also enjoy mysteries and thrillers might like Pearl’s books–try beginning with The Dante Club)

Margaret George (her fictional autobiographies are top-notch, with well-realized characters and lavishly detailed settings–fans of Cleopatra’s Daughter might want to try George’s Memoirs of Cleopatra)

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