“This Wicked World” by Richard Lange

Lange, Richard.  This Wicked World. (F Lan)

Ex-marine Jimmy Boone-former bodyguard to Los Angeles’s rich and famous-is fresh out of Corcoran, on parole, and trying to keep his nose clean until he figures out his next move. He has a job tending bar on Hollywood Boulevard, serving drinks to tourists, and is determined to put the past behind him.

But trying to do the right thing has always been Boone’s downfall. When he backs up a buddy on a hero-for-hire gig-looking into the mysterious death of a kid on a downtown bus-he once again finds himself in a world of trouble.

Reader 1:

5 Great story, keeps you guessing.  Stupid title.

Reader 2:

Terse, fast paced, observant writing/realistic sense of place, unique characters.

Reader 3:

Boring at times.  Stupid title.

Reader 4:

Don’t like any of the characters or care what happens to them.

Reader 5:


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