Dan Brown Read-Alikes

(The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol, Digital Fortress, Deception Point)

Brown’s blockbuster novel The Da Vinci Code is by far his best-known book, and the hallmark of his style, tone, and content.  The story blends thriller, mystery, action, and conspiracy, told with a rapid pace and cinematic feel.  Another major element is the puzzle, which readers can solve along with the protagonists.  All of Brown’s novels share a thriller/conspiracy theory element, and plenty of action.

If you enjoy Brown’s books, you might like:

Umberto Eco (if you really liked the subject and the mystery of The Da Vinci Code and wouldn’t mind a more literary style, you might like The Name of the Rose)

Robert Ludlum (if you’re a thriller/conspiracy fan, you might enjoy the Bourne books.  The first is The Bourne Identity. The Icarus Agenda is another possibility, for the adventure aspect)

Steve Berry (Berry also writes fast-paced mystery/thrillers with lots of action, and there are often historical aspects to his books.  Try The Romanov Prophecy or The Templar Legacy)

Katherine Neville (her The Eight is full of puzzles, codes, and ciphers, paired with a historical quest.  The sequel is The Fire)

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