Marie’s Favorite Scary Books Part VIII: Haunted with Pride

Welcome to the eighth installment of Marie’s Favorite Scary Books: “Haunted with Pride.”  Boy, this book title generator never disappoints! (runners up: “Ghosts Without a Home” had a melancholy touch I liked, and “The Colleague Without Eyes” was intriguing.)

2019 was the year of unsettling stories best suited to foggy, rainy autumn nights in New England.  Of course you can enjoy them any time, but the mood of every one of this year’s picks conveys dark stormy nights.  Ghosts real and imagined are the big players here.


Marie’s Favorite Scary Books, Part VIII: Haunted with Pride

small spacesSmall Spaces by Katherine Arden

invitedThe Invited by Jennifer McMahon

lost historyThe Lost History of Dreams by Kris Waldherr

sisterThe Sister by Poppy Adams

81Eb2buY9sLGrowing Things and Other Stories by Paul Tremblay

harrow countyHarrow County