Michael Crichton Read-Alikes

(The Andromeda Strain, Next, Pirate Latitudes, The Terminal Man, State of Fear) 

Crichton wrote novels that blend science with plenty of adventure.  His stories have plenty of hard science and technological detail (sometimes with a science fiction-esque speculative quality), but also the taut storytelling and suspense of a thriller.  Most of all Crichton is known for his ability to make readers think about the issues that he raises about humanity and technology, while at the same time delivering an escape into adventure.

If you enjoy Crichton’s work, try:

Philip Kerr (try his work if you’re in the mood for a very similar read—Kerr has been called the British Crichton for his cinematic science thrillers.  Try Esau for a great adventure)

Tess Gerritsen (readers who enjoy Crichton for all of the scientific details he includes might try Gerritsen’s medical thrillers for the same kind of research and specifics about surgery and pathology.  Try Harvest)

John Darnton  (those who like the speculative side of Crichton, and enjoy his plots best when they explore big ideas, might like Darnton.  Try Neanderthal for an adventure tale with plenty of thought)

Greg Bear (his science fiction novels might appeal to fans who enjoy the speculative science of Crichton’s books.  Darwin’s Radio might be a good start)

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