Clive Barker Read-Alikes

(The Damnation Game, Imajica, Abarat, Mr. B. Gone, The Thief of Always, The Hellbound Heart)

Barker is able to blend imaginative plots with thought-provoking themes in his horror and fantasy novels.  His writing style is sophisticated but approachable, and his tone tends toward the bleak.  Characters and settings are richly drawn—it’s all too easy to get drawn into the worlds Barker creates, and the brisk pacing keeps you there.

If you like Barker’s books, try:

Neil Gaiman (he shares Barker’s talent for horror and creating rich worlds, but his tone is overall more hopeful.  Try the graphic novel The Sandman or the short story collection Fragile Things)

Stephen King (if you enjoy horror novels that pull you in and keep you there with pacing and approachable prose, try IT or Insomnia)

John Connolly (if you enjoyed Abarat you might want to try Connolly’s dark fantasy The Book of Lost Things)

 Richard Matheson (if you like nuanced horror with a blend of fantasy and sci-fi, you might like I Am Legend or What Dreams May Come, or any of his short stories)

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