“Dark Tiger” by William G. Tapply

Dark Tiger by William G. Tapply. (F Tap)

Seven years ago, Stoney Calhoun woke up in a VA hospital with no memories and a series of unexplained talents (language ability, weapons expertise, etc.). Since then he has been living quietly, working as a part time fishing guide and co-owner of a local bait shopwith an unnamed visitor coming around occasionally to see if he has regained any memories.

Reader 1:

Enjoyed but slow getting to the point.

Reader 2:

Couldn’t put it down—had to see what was going to happen next!

Reader 3:

I had the privilege of knowing Bill Tapply—he was quite a guy.  You will be missed, and your writing too.

Reader 4:

A Mainer’s book—well thought out, researched, and written!!!

Reader 5:

Very like Bitch Creek.

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