Elizabeth Berg Read-Alikes

(Dream When You’re Feeling Blue, Home Safe, Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman, Talk Before Sleep, The Last Time I Saw You)

Berg creates worlds that are cozy and comforting, while at the same time tackling issues such as illness, estrangement and death with a certain kind of gentleness.  Her protagonists are very easily relatable—they are Everywoman types that readers can identify with.  As Readers Services Librarian Kaite Mediatore puts it, “Reading an Elizabeth Berg novel is akin to sitting down with your dearest friend and talking about everything in your life over several cups of coffee.”

If you enjoy Berg’s novels, you might like:

 Ann Hood (her books also tell stories of women enduring trying times in their lives.  Try Somewhere off the Coast of Maine)

Elinor Lipman (if you enjoy a focus on family situations but would like to try something a bit more lighthearted with more broadly drawn characters,  The Way Men Act might be a good choice)

Jeanne Ray (Julie and Romeo might appeal to Berg fans who enjoy love stories with older protagonists facing life-changing experiences)

Luanne Rice (her books are a bit darker and the writing is less lyrical than Berg’s, but there’s plenty of good characterization and plot development in her stories of family relationships—try Blue Moon or Stone Heart)

Anna Quindlen (Quindlen’s writing style is denser than Berg’s, but her novels explore many of the same issues—try Object Lesson to get a feel for her style)

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