Jennifer Chiaverini Read-Alikes

(The Elm Creek Quilts novels)

Chiaverini writes heartwarming stories that focus on the relationships between her characters.  These books are also filled with information about quilting—everything from patterns to the stories that different quilting blocks tell.  Most of all these books are about connecting and storytelling through craft, told in a gentle style.

If you enjoy the Elm Creek Quilts books, you might also like:

Debbie Macomber (her Blossom Street series centers on a knitting shop and the varied characters who frequent it.  Like Chiaverini’s books, Macomber focuses on relationships and connection through teaching and craft)

Jan Karon (her Mitford books capture the same gentle feel and character focus that fans of Chiaverini might like.  The first is At Home in Mitford)

Ann Hood (her novel The Knitting Circle is not exactly gentle—it deals primarily with a mother coping with the loss of her young daughter—but the theme of healing through connection might appeal to some Elm Creek fans)

Sandra Dallas (her fun, quick-witted heroines might appeal to those who enjoy the characters in the Elm Creek books.  Try The Persian Pickle Club)

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