Suggested Reading

Click each link for reading lists from the Camden Public Library!

Halloween and Horror Reading Lists
These had grown to such terrifying numbers, they needed their own subsection!

Suggested Non-Fiction
Marie belongs to a small non-fiction book club with a few friends.  Here’s a list of their picks!

The American Civil War–2014 Adult Summer Reading Program

Marie’s Favorite Funny Books
A few suggestions to make you laugh, from our April 2013 Spotlight On! Display.

“Reading Between the Lines: A ‘Renascence’ Summer”–2012 Adult Summer Reading Program

Books for Tim Burton Fans
If you enjoy Burton’s quirky, creepy, poignant work, here are some books you might enjoy.

Booktalk Reading List
Ann and Marie presented these titles during a booktalk for the Lincolnville Women’s Club.

Gothic Novels
Dark, atmospheric…and creepy!

“An American Cultural Journey” Adult Summer Reading Program 2011
Here’s a list of books that participants in the 2011 summer reading program for adults read.

“Nice” Books
These are reads for when you just want a book to curl up with–nothing explicit or violent, just something…nice.

Historical Fiction
A sampling of popular historical fiction here at the library.

The Teen Zone
There are plenty of books written for young adults that are also fantastic reading for older readers.  Here are a few of our favorites!

Just, You Know…Something Good!
Here are a few fiction and nonfiction titles that have a little something for everyone, for when you’re not quite sure exactly what you’d like to read.

Marie’s Picks
A list of some of Marie’s favorite go-to novels.

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