Jeffrey Archer Read-Alikes

(As the Crow Flies, The Eleventh Commandment, False Impression, Kane and Abel, A Prisoner of Birth, Twelve Red Herrings, A Twist in the Tale)

 Archer’s cinematic tales are full of action and clashes between good and evil, told with a quick pace and upbeat endings.  That said, Archer’s tales are at the same time complex and very well told—Archer has written in several genres, from family saga to suspense to psychological thriller. 

If you like Archer’s books, try:

Patricia Highsmith  (if you enjoy Archer’s psychological thrillers, try The Talented Mr. Ripley for a complex psychological tale)

Ken Follett  (his books are fast-paced and engrossing with strong characters and plots.  Start with The Pillars of the Earth)

W.E.B Griffin  (if your favorite aspect of Archer’s books is the recurring theme of the good triumphing over difficulty, you might like Griffin’s Men in Blue)

David Baldacci  (his work might appeal to you if you like Archer’s fast-paced action and complex good vs. bad plots)

Nelson DeMille (while often darker and with more ambiguous endings, DeMille’s books offer complex plots and varied voice that might appeal to some Archer fans.  Try Plum Island)

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