Halloween Read: “We Sold Our Souls” by Grady Hendrix


I love Hendrix’s books.  I talked about Horrorstor and My Best Friend’s Exorcism on previous Halloweens, and I’m so glad he’s got a new book out just in time for this year’s countdown.  While it’s not straight-up Horror, it’s definitely creepy, with plenty of biting social commentary and gory bits.  It’s also got a ton of heart and hope.

Kris was the guitarist for a metal band back in the 1990’s.  Now, she’s working at a Best Western and about to lose her house.  Looming over her life is Terry, her once-friend and bandmate, who was responsible for the messy breakup of their band Durt Wurk, and now has a legendary solo career.

But Kris can’t remember the exact circumstances of the crazy night the band broke up.  Craziest of all, Kris realizes that the trajectory of her life seems to be following the storyline of the album she poured her soul into, Troglodyte.

The songs on that album told the story of Black Iron Mountain, which controls the world, and the slave Troglodyte, who fights for freedom.  Kris knows she has to fight for her own freedom as well as her soul as she crosses the country to get to Terry’s final concert out in the desert.  Because Terry sabotaged a lot more than just the band all those years ago.

Menacing, full of black humor, heartfelt, and a love song to metal, this supernatural thriller is definitely one to add to your reading list this Halloween!


Marie’s Reading: “The Intern’s Handbook” by Shane Kuhn

Greetings from the History Center, friends!  The archivist is away at a conference, so I’m spending my afternoons this week pretending I know how to fly this thing.

Penguins Can't Fly!

At the very least it’s a quiet break to get a lot of desk-work done without constant phone calls and other interruptions.  And one thing I wanted to get done interruption-free was to tell you about Shane Kuhn’s novel The Intern’s Handbook.  Follow me after the jump to learn more!

Or stay here and look at that screengrab from The Critic.  I don’t know about you, but I find that the longer I stare the funnier it gets.

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