Libraries Rock! Adult Summer Reading 2018

libraries rock!

Time to play Summer Reading Bingo, dear readers!  Cayla’s put together a fun and varied bingo game for this year, filled with books and activities to complete for prizes!  All the info is above.  Stop by the Circulation Desk at the library to pick up your card, and start reading!



Adult Summer Reading: Read Globally, Discuss Locally


It’s summer reading time again, friends!  And we’re doing something a little different this year!

We’re still playing bingo, but we’ve got a new element!  This year we’re participating in a state-wide read of two books chosen by Maine author Monica Wood. It’s called “Read ME,” and it’s sponsored and organized by the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine State Library.  Learn all about it here!

Our theme this year is “Read Globally, Discuss Locally.”  All of the bingo squares reflect the theme, with topics such as “A book set in a country you have never visited” and “A book translated from another language.”  There’s some local flavor as well, with “A book by a Maine author” and “A book by an author speaking at the library this summer.”  The Read ME titles are good for a bingo square too.  For more, check out our website, here.

We’ve got the cards here at the circulation desk, so come on down and pick one up!  Fill four rows and get a prize!  Complete more than one row or the whole card, and get another prize!  You can keep track of the books you read on the back of your bingo card.  There’s also space to review your favorite, and that review becomes your ticket for the grand-prize drawing at the end of the summer!

Happy Reading!

Good luck, participants!

Adult Summer Reading Program Drawing TONIGHT!

Hi!  I’ve been on vacation and my brain hasn’t come back yet so that’s why this is a little late in the day.

I hope you’ve all submitted your reading review sheets for the Summer Reading Program!  We have a ton on our bulletin board and they’re awesome–I’m going to share some here on the blog, along with a list of all the books that were read.  Those same review sheets will be the raffle tickets for tonight’s drawing.  The more you filled out, the better your chance to win!

…probably should have told you that sooner.  Again, brain vacation.  Or vice versa.

Good luck, participants!


Adult Summer Reading 2016

Hi Adults!  We’re playing Bingo again for our summer reading program!

Marie's Picks
For example: here’s the Bingo card of my picks!

Here’s the deal:

You don’t need to register this year.  Just pick out a Bingo card, grab some Reader Review sheets, and get reading!  When you’ve completed a title, bring your card to the library and we’ll stamp the square for you.  Once you’ve completed a row, you get a little prize!  When you’ve completed two rows, you get Book Bucks, for use at our library book sales!  When you get a blackout, you get a bigger prize!

We post your review sheets on a bulletin board so that everyone can see what others are reading.  These sheets also become your raffle tickets for the drawing at the end of the program–the grand prize is a gift certificate to a local bookstore.

Happy Reading!


BINGO Square! Forgotten Classics

If you’re playing Bingo with us this summer, here are a few ideas for your “Forgotten Classic” square!

This is kind of a tough one, isn’t it? After all, a classic is by definition a book that stands the test of time and continues to be read.  So I decided to use these guidelines: books not written within the past fifty years, which still influence writers today (on their own or through the work of authors inspired by the book).

Many thanks to Flavorwire and Goodreads and NPR and a dozen other websites for doing all the work of compiling inspiring lists! Click on the cover image to learn more about these “forgotten” classics!

sterne-life-and-opinions-of-tristram-shandy-gentleman otranto journal evelina cranford

bouvard and pecuchet

Of course there are PLENTY more where that came from, if you’re inclined to search!


BINGO Square! Books with a Number in the Title

First of all, I’m not putting any Janet Evanovich on this list.  Too easy.  Ditto James Patterson.

Instead, here are some other ideas from my own personal reading list.  I did the mousework of clicking through my Goodreads shelves for you.  Click on each title to learn more about the book!

13th tale 1913 fivequarters FourPastMidnight fourth bear ninth life Slaughterhouse-FiveNOS4A2Mr_Penumbras_24-Hour_Bookstore

 Click around on Goodreads or Shelfari for more ideas–lots of people have created lists and shelves for just this kind of challenge!


“Escape the Ordinary” 2015 Adult Summer Reading Program!

This year we’re changing it up, and we’re going to play a game.  A game called BINGO!

It’s Summer Reading Bingo, and we’d love for you to come on down and play. The program begins July 1 and ends August 31, register soon at the library and begin filling in your “Reading Bingo” card!  Here’s how it works:

Register at the Circulation Desk and pick up your Bingo Card and  book review forms. When you finish a book, fill a box on your card and fill out a book review sheet so we can post it on the big board! (We will stamp your card and keep it in the Reading Program binder at the front desk.)

Each “Bingo” wins a prize – fill out any row, column, diagonal or “four corners.” When you get a Black Out (filling your whole card), you win a Blackout Prize. Each Bingo also gets you an entry into the raffle for the Grand Prize. Bingo Prizes are randomly selected from our whimsical collection of doodads and brand-new books.

A million thanks to Random House for the Reading Bingo card!

If you need ideas for any of the squares, take a look at the suggested reading lists here on the blog, or click a likely looking tag.  You can also take a look at Marie’s Goodreads or Shelfari shelves, also linked here on the Readers’ Corner.

Every once in a while I’ll post some square ideas, so check back often!  Have fun everybody!