Halloween Read: “The Lost History of Dreams” by Kris Waldherr

lost historyDeliciously Victorian Gothic, this story of ghosts, love, and loss is the perfect read for a dreary autumn night.

Robert Highstead, a grieving widower, earns his living as a post-mortem photographer in 1850’s England.  When his cousin, famed poet Hugh de Bonne, passes away, it falls to Robert to deliver his remains to a chapel in Shropshire and to photograph the corpse.

However, Hugh’s niece will not allow Robert to take the body to the chapel until she tells him the story of Hugh and his wife, Ada.  Reluctantly Robert agrees, and is treated to a story that blurs the lines between past and present as well as life and death.  As the story unfolds, secrets are uncovered about Robert’s late wife and about his mysterious hostess.

The atmosphere of this ghost story is incredible–dark and dreary and mysterious.  Waldherr’s attention to historical detail is great, too.  If you like your ghost stories firmly planted in emotional reality, you might give this one a look!



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