May Simply Books! Meeting

We had a short but nice meeting over Memorial Day weekend.   There were only two of us, but we shared two good books!

The Echo Maker by Richard Powers–a really nice introduction to this
author, and will definitely try more of his books. This particular
novel is about a man who suffers severe neurological damage after an
accident. He develops a Capgras delusion, where he believes that
everyone close to him is an imposter. His case is so out of the
ordinary that a famous neuroscientist comes to evaluate him.
Overall the book is compelling and interesting (the sections on
neuroscience must have taken a lot of research on the author’s part),
though the bits from the scientist’s point of view can be a little
pedantic and boring. There’s also an element of mystery, which does
get answered, about how exactly the man’s accident happens.

High Noon: The Hollywood Blacklist and the Making of an American Classic by Glenn Frankel–this nonfiction book is about the making of
the Gary Cooper Western “High Noon,” and the toxic political
environment it came out of. When the movie was being made, its
screenwriter, Carl Foreman, was called to testify before the House
Un-American Activities Committee. Frankel talks a lot about the
blacklist in Hollywood, the making of the movie (and how it’s an
allegory for the hearings), as well as providing biographies of the
major players.

Simply Books! is on summer vacation now, so we’ll see you back again in September!  Our next meeting will be Saturday, September 22nd.  I’ll post next year’s meeting schedule in September, too.  If you’d like to get on our mailing list, send me an email at




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