Adult Summer Reading: Read Globally, Discuss Locally


It’s summer reading time again, friends!  And we’re doing something a little different this year!

We’re still playing bingo, but we’ve got a new element!  This year we’re participating in a state-wide read of two books chosen by Maine author Monica Wood. It’s called “Read ME,” and it’s sponsored and organized by the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine State Library.  Learn all about it here!

Our theme this year is “Read Globally, Discuss Locally.”  All of the bingo squares reflect the theme, with topics such as “A book set in a country you have never visited” and “A book translated from another language.”  There’s some local flavor as well, with “A book by a Maine author” and “A book by an author speaking at the library this summer.”  The Read ME titles are good for a bingo square too.  For more, check out our website, here.

We’ve got the cards here at the circulation desk, so come on down and pick one up!  Fill four rows and get a prize!  Complete more than one row or the whole card, and get another prize!  You can keep track of the books you read on the back of your bingo card.  There’s also space to review your favorite, and that review becomes your ticket for the grand-prize drawing at the end of the summer!

Happy Reading!

Good luck, participants!

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