Halloween Watch: Kittens!


The only thing I love more than Halloween is kittens!

I tend to forget the non-Horror fans during the Halloween season.  So this is for all of you. Watch adorable fluff-trons act out iconic scenes from classics like The Shining and Psycho.

Enjoy!  Please visit the good people at the ASPCA’s website.  Click here to learn more about the history of black cats and Halloween.  And here are a couple of articles about adopting black cats, given the season: Photographs of black cats by Casey Elise, and Black Cat Rescue, an organization in Boston.


In closing: More cats!  Specifically, a reading of Poe’s short story, “The Black Cat.”



One thought on “Halloween Watch: Kittens!

  1. Too funny! Thanks, Marie.


    [https://a.gfx.ms/Emoji_1F339.png] Diane Onken Kirkman 17 Grove St. Camden, ME O4843 2O7-236-9O78 (home)


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