Marie’s Reading: “Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch

darkmatterJason is a physics professor who lives with his artist wife, Daniela, and their son Charlie in Chicago.  They’re moderately prosperous and happy, but both of them always wonder what might have been–before they had their son, they were both on track to become brilliant in their respective fields.

Then one night, Jason is abducted by a stranger in a mask, and from there is thrown into an alternate reality.  All he wants is to get back to his home, his family, and his old life.  But it’ll be a long, dangerous road to get there.

Dark Matter is an action packed thriller with a lightning-quick pace, lots of dialogue, and some mind-bending moments.  Crouch constructs scenes with texture and depth.  There’s enough emotional heft to Jason’s quest to give the book a solid grounding, which isn’t always the case with thrillers.  There are some nice sci-fi touches, too, but Crouch never really goes into the details of how the whole thing works (as the title suggests, it’s something to do with dark matter).  If you’re willing to suspend disbelief, you’ll be rewarded with a smart and poignant story about identity and the nature of the self, as well as what makes the sum total of a life.

With plenty of gunfights and daring escapes.



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