Horror Graphic Novels

The big day is creeping ever closer!  And today I’m sharing some horror comics.  Because that gives me a reason to mention Tales from the Crypt, EC Comics’ horror comic series which ran from 1950 to 1955 and influenced and inspired modern horror writers like Stephen King.  And mentioning that gives me a reason to share this, because it’s fantastic and a perfect mood setter for Halloween week:

It’s all coming together.

Below please find a short list of a few of my favorite creepy graphic novels. I tried for a mix of genres and styles, and I think  Chew is the dark/funny/scifi wild card. (ETA: I forgot Anya’s Ghost!! I guess we’ve discovered who the true monster is.  And it’s me.)  Click on the cover to go either to the relevant blog post or to the Goodreads page.  If you want more, here’s a list from the Orlando Sentinel of the ten best horror graphic novels for Halloween.  Also, Bloody Disgusting has a list of “10 Legitimately Terrifying Horror Comics,” and Dread Central has shared a few suggestions for horror comics new this year.





my friend dahmer





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