May is Mystery Month!

Every May over at Booklist they devote the month to mysteries.  I thought I’d round up a few links to share, because mystery readers make up the bulk of our fiction readers here at CPL.

Back when I was still trying to make a monthly Spotlight On! feature happen, I talked a bit about the mystery genre.  You can find it here.

Last year I did an entire post about Crime fiction for the Maine Crime Writers, in which I outlined the key differences between Mystery and Crime, and also where they overlap.  You can read that over at the MCW blog.

Below please find some of my favorite go-to resources for finding great new mysteries to try!

Mystery Resources:

Booklist Mystery Month Main Page

Mystery Writers of America

Cozy Mystery List--your one-stop shop for everything Cozy!  You can browse by author, subject, and more!

Omnimystery: A Family of Mystery Websites–this is where I go to find ideas for new mysteries to buy for the library collection each month.  They have a nice mix of bestellers, new names, independent presses, and self-published titles.   They also have lists of mystery awards and reviews.

Stop, You’re Killing Me!–this site has awards and bestsellers, but also readalike ideas and indexes organized by location, historical period, and even the profession of the sleuth!

I hope these resources prove bookmark-worthy for you!  You could also search through the tags here at the Readers Corner to find mystery titles we’ve reviewed.  Happy sleuthing!




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