The Meaning of the Miracles

More than his God cardWhen we hear about the miracles Jesus performed— “feeding the multitude,” changing water into wine during the marriage feast at Cana, raising his friend Lazarus from the dead, and others—we are often told that the point of these events is to prove Jesus’ divinity. But in his new book, More than His God Card, Brian Onken contends that if that’s all we see—if we only see Jesus “pulling out his God card”—we miss a lot.

Scripture scholar, ordained minister, and experienced preacher, Onken revisits each story, inviting us to imagine ourselves into the event, to see and hear, even smell and touch, what happened and to grasp what the miracles meant to the people around Jesus in those moments.  More than His God Card enables those familiar with the Gospels to read these stories with fresh eyes and may also help newcomers wondering about who Jesus was and who He might be for them.



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