Surprise Smekday!

Greetings to you on yet ANOTHER cold, blustery, snowy day.  I’ve got a TBR pile as tall as the snowdrifts, and there’s just no more room.  My stack of books is as overwhelming and deadly as those same snowdrifts.

So who’s taking a long toboggan ride down a short slope today?

This one pains me.  Actually pains me.  I’m so sorry to say that it’s Galapagos Regained by James Morrow.

galapagos regained
No! Say it ain’t so!


I keep second-guessing myself but I know it’s for the best.  I love James Morrow.  Love Love Love James Morrow.  I did Snoopy dances of joy when I heard about this novel, which centers around an actress who goes to work at Charles Darwin’s estate, and then decides to use his theories of evolution as evidence in the famous God Contest.

It’s so good so far!  I really like the style, I love the ideas.   I love the characters and the construction and the…

You know what?  I can’t do it.  I can’t Surprise Smekday Galapagos Regained.  We’re going to work it out.  I promise we’ll work it out!

So here’s a swift snowboot for you, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

cuckoo's nest

Sorry.  Has to be done.  Maybe in couple months we can try for, oh, I think the fifth time, Chief.



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