Surprise Smekday!

Rather soon for another Surprise Smekday.  Oh, well.

I have no excuses this time except that I found way too many books to read all at once.  Wonderful novels and intriguing nonfiction, all too good to pass up.  Here a combined list of my Currently Reading and TBR Piles:

Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandall
We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas
Main Street by Sinclair Lewis
J: A Novel by Howard Jacobsen
Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote
The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore

With the exception of J, each of those has a bookmark somewhere in it. Something’s got to give.  And that something is one of the books I started before Christmas and which swiftly found its way to the bottom of the pile.

So who’s receiving a Dear John letter today?

arugulaPity poor The United States of Arugula: How We Became a Gourmet Nation by David Kamp. It’s funny, charming, affectionate, and informative, and I just don’t have time for it right now.  I’m ashamed to say I’ll probably keep it in mind for a casual fling-read or two over lunch, if I’m free from other books and it happens to be on the shelf.

I do hope it finds a reader who can commit to it properly.  It’s a fun foodie read which I hope one day to read all the way through.



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