Marie’s Favorite Reads of 2014

I have the oddest feeling that this is all a trick.  There’s no way it can be New Year’s Eve.  I barely had Christmas, man.  How is this possible, that 2014 has come and gone so quickly?

My personal favorites for this year are the books that I devoured.  The ones I wanted to spend all my time with, and then, once I was finished, I couldn’t shut up about.  There were only seven of them this year.  Like a lot of what happened in 2014, much of my reading seems a blur to me now.  So I sifted back through my reading journal, my Goodreads page and my Shelfari account, and here are the titles I came up with as my very favorites of 2014.

Here are my top favorite reads of 2014.  Catch you in 2015, where more reading adventures await!

hereHere by Richard McGuire
A moving, melancholy, slightly mind-bending graphic novel, Here is the affecting life story of one room.

RoomsRooms by Lauren Oliver
This is a ghost story where the living haunt the dead just as much as the dead haunt the living.  Poignant and character-driven, Rooms was one of my very favorites of this year.

Elizabeth is MissingElizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey
Like Rooms, this one stayed with me long after I finished it.  It’s an absorbing mystery, for sure, but it’s also an achingly sad portrayal of aging and dementia, and the thin veil between the present and the past.

Ice CreamThe Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street by Susan Jane Gilman
This was my fun read for the year!  If Charles Foster Kane had driven an ice cream truck, he’d fit right into this tale of America’s ruthless self-made Ice Cream Queen.  I loved Lillian’s character most of all–she’s a force to be reckoned with and you don’t always like her, but she makes you laugh.  Not always a particularly nice laugh, but all the same…

winter peopleThe Winter People by Jennifer McMahon
I loved loved loved this so much that I went on a full-tilt McMahon binge after I finished it.  It’s dark and melancholy and full of ghostly happenings and bumps in the night, as well as all too human motivations.  McMahon’s writing is so compelling, and builds to such a reveal that you’re always desperate by the final pages.   So Good.  Favorite of the year.

JoehilllockekeyLocke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez
This was a wonderful series, with everything I love about Joe Hill’s work: themes of love and friendship and death and growing up, an ear for dialogue and some good old-fashioned creepiness.  Rodriguez’s realistic and wonderfully acted art style is the perfect match for the story.  I cried at the end!

girl with all the giftsThe Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey
Hooray for an original zombie book!  I loved the plot, I liked the characters, and I especially enjoyed how Carey wove in so many different tropes into a cohesive, believable whole.

Honorable Mentions:  Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea by Morgan Callan Rogers, The Hundred Year House by Rebecca Makkai, and The Witch and Other Tales Retold by Jean Thompson.

Happy Reading in the New Year, folks!




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