The Church of Mercy by Pope Francis

church of mercyA selection of homilies, addresses, and papers from his first year as pontiff, Pope Francis’s The Church of Mercy provides readers with a window into his view of the Church in the world as well as into his personality. Francis is a man of faith and principle, but also a man of great love and joy. The most “un-preachy” of evangelists, he brims with gratitude for salvation and hope for a Church that can be a source of strength and succor to the world’s poor and downtrodden. You won’t find pronouncements here on same-sex marriage, women clergy, contraception, abortion or any of the other more inflammatory issues that Christians of all denominations struggle with. What you will find is a truly pastoral leader encouraging his people to step out into the light of saving grace and shoulder the responsibility of living a generous and merciful life.



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