Marie’s Re-Reading A Christmas Favorite

My personal Christmas favorite, anyway.  It’s got love, friendship, reunions, an angel, zombies, lasagna, and a Christmas Miracle.  What’s not to love?

The_Stupidist_Angel_hardcoverThe Archangel Raziel is on a special Christmas mission: He is to find one child and grant a Christmas wish.   And little Josh Barker has a very special wish: for Santa to come back from the dead.  Throw in just about every other Christopher Moore character you can think of, and you’ve got a chaotic Christmas party in the little town of Pine Cove.

Admittedly, Moore’s style isn’t for everyone.  But if you’re one of the people it’s for, like me, then you’ll love this.  The bawdy humor, the ear for dialogue, the wonderful characters, the creativity, and the genuine sweetness and affection for the characters.

And yes, shovels to the head.  And talking fruit bats.  And Zombie Santa.

Hey.  You keep Christmas in your own way, let me keep it in mine.

Happy Holidays!


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