Surprise Smekday!

It’s that special time again: Meme Time!

I’m currently in the middle of a few nonfiction books (book club, you know), the novel Main Street (on husband’s recommendation–review to come!), am moving house (!), am attempting to finalize a ready reference training for our annual All Staff Day (ha), and I have to catalog a huge order of audiobooks because I can’t figure out how to tell my vendor not to send them all at once (grr).

Lots going on in my brainpan.  No room for all the books in my book bag.

So who’s getting the old heave-ho this week?

golden applesIt’s The Golden Apples by Eudora Welty!

In his lovely book Classics for Pleasure, Michael Dirda recommended Welty’s collection of interconnected stories set in a fictional Mississippi town.  The stories concern the lives of and connection between several different families.  It promises to be textured, multi-layered, and full of allusion.

I really can’t wait to read it!  Just…sometime that isn’t right now.

I just don’t deserve you at the moment, Golden Apples.  Let’s take a break until I can give you my best reader-self.




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