Surprise Smekday!

(Yep, we’re doing the book meme thing at the good old Readers Corner now.  As Mayor Quimby so eloquently put it: “If that is the way the wind is blowing, let no one say I do not also blow.”)

While brainstorming book memes and taking a look at suggestions at several reading blogs, I realized that I actually have a meme at the Readers Corner already!  It’s the What Marie’s Not Reading meme!

It’s a shameful meme, but a meme all the same.

The last time I did a dedicated list like this I mentioned that I belong to three book clubs.  That’s still true.  This month The Plantagenets, those warrior kings and queens, have taken over my life (I’m always slow with nonfiction, and for some reason I’m about three times as slow with history).

So what’s getting kicked to the curb this week?

lamplighterThe Lamplighter by Anthony O’Neill.  A great, chilling set-up with some elements of what could be sinister magic.  A meticulously drawn historical setting (19th century Scotland).  Truly creepy scenes.  A murder mystery.  Academia.  Police.   Interesting characters you want to follow and learn more about.  You’re too good for me right now, The Lamplighter.  I just don’t have the time you deserve.

It’s not you, it’s me.  Really.  This is just a break.  I hope.



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