National Library Week: Final Installment

At the close of National Library Week, I bring you my favorite bookish book in the whole wide world:

eyre affairSet in an alternate England of the 1980’s (and later the early oughts), the Thursday Next books combine mystery, police procedural, sci-fi, and comedy into a fantastic series of adventures.  The BookWorld is a marvelous creation, offering endless opportunities–all of which Fforde takes advantage of.  Thursday Next is an awesome heroine, one you never get tired of reading about.

That’s purely my taste, of course.  I figured since we’re all so close here at the good old Readers Corner I could take a break from objective suggestions and appeal factors for one day.  So let me end with:

The Thursday Next books are my favorite books.  Ever.  In life.  For real.  And I always want to share them with people I care about.  People like you, readers.  Consider this my formal apology for this rather rocky National Library Week.

Keep on reading, and catch you soon!




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