National Library Week: Thursday Book

I know, I know, I missed our date yesterday.  I’m sorry.  I just got busy with work, okay?  Jeeze.  I’m here today, aren’t I?

I even brought you some vicarious sensual romance:


While Beauty Slept is a retelling of the tale of Sleeping Beauty.  It’s told through the eyes of a woman who was one of the Queen’s attendants at the famous castle, and who was very close to Rose, the princess who became known as Sleeping Beauty.  Blackwell brings us a story of courtly intrigue, love, and friendship, and gives a background to the major points of the fairytale.   What was this hundred-year sleep?  Why was the baby princess’s life in danger?  And why were all of the spinning wheels in the kingdom destroyed?

Personally, I found it a nice touch that our narrator is a bit on the periphery of the main story (until the end, of course).  Your mileage may vary.  The backstory is clever, the narrator feels real, and the romance is vivid and sensual.  If you are a fan of historical romance, you’ll find a lot to like here, but this is a well-imagined novel with fairly broad appeal.  There’s nice historical detail (though it still seems like a folktale setting), the pace is quick, and the scene-setting and dialogue are rich.

Also, as I promised:


There you go!

See you tomorrow, I promise!





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