Happy National Library Week!

It’s National Library Week!  Yay!

So sorry I’m late.  I don’t work on Sunday or Monday.  My plan is to blog a book a day for you.  I’m fairly certain you’ll be able  to judge by word count how busy I am.  I’ll still give it a go!

Also…I’m afraid we need to talk, readers.  I might have been writing for another blog on Saturday, when I’d intended to line up some posts for the Readers Corner.   It’s a real shame you had to find out this way.   But I have to be honest.  One blog can’t tie me down.  I need to be free.  To write for other deserving blogs.  To share book suggestions far and wide, beyond just my subscribers here.  The CPL Readers Corner is still my first and favorite, but I just can’t be exclusive.

"Sorry, not sorry." --Elia Kazan to wife, 1955

“Sorry, not sorry.” —Elia Kazan to wife, 1955

I was writing for Maine Crime Writers.  If you aren’t too hurt, shocked, or appalled, feel free to read it here.  I’ll also be posting it on this blog, as I have no shame.

Stop looking at me like that.  Oh, come on, don’t cry.  I’ll get you flowers.  And some bonus content for that Crime Fiction post.  How would that be?

I will see you tomorrow.



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