Happy International Day of Happiness!

Today, the 20th of March, is International Day of Happiness…day.  In case you missed it (as I certainly did) the United Nations adopted a resolution in July 2011 making happiness a global priority.  You can learn more at the official Day of Happiness Website.

Strictly speaking, the UN is talking about economic growth, and taking the official position that worldwide economic growth should not come at the cost of human well-being.  The 2012 article discussing the new economic paradigm can be found here, via the UN News Centre.

From the article:

“It is imperative that we build a new, creative guiding vision for sustainability and our future,” Mr. Al-Nasser [President of the General Assembly] said. “One that will bring a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach that will promote sustainability, eradicate poverty and enhance well-being and happiness.”

I think in honor of the spirit of the day we can stretch the definition past the economic, and perhaps focus on, oh, I dunno–maybe the books that make us happy?  Or promote our well-being in some way?

I know for me the act of reading itself promotes my well-being.  And I suppose that does come back to economics.  I’m thankful for my comfortable lifestyle and leisure time, both of which mean I have the idle time necessary to sit and read.   Not everyone in the world can say the same.

So!  Do something today that promotes your well-being.  If that something is reading, awesome!  If not, also awesome!  Here’s an article from Entrepreneur which offers a list of five books to make you smile.    Also of note: you can celebrate by recording your favorite happy poem!  Go here for more info!



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