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Blind Date With A Book!

Have a two-week advance on your happy Valentine’s, courtesy of the library!

A zombie in love (Scott Campbell)
A zombie in love (Scott Campbell)

We’re celebrating by hosting Blind Date With a Book again this year!  Here’s how it works:

  • There is a display here at the library.  On display are several wrapped-up books.  Each one has a little blurb about itself on the front.
  • If you find a book that intrigues you, bring it on up to the Circulation Desk and check it out!  Just don’t unwrap it until it’s checked out!!
  • You can also pick up a Rate Your Date Card, which you can take with your book.
  • Bring your book date to your favorite reading spot, and then start reading!
  • When you’re finished, bring the book back with the Rate Your Date Card, and tell us how it went!
Choo-choo-choose a book for Valentine's Day!
Choo-choo-choose a book for Valentine’s Day!


The Camden Public Library brings people together to Read, Connect, and Discover. Here at the CPL Readers Corner Blog, our librarians offer book suggestions, book reviews, read-alikes, and more! Discover new reads, Connect with librarians and other readers, and Read a great book!

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