Blind Date With A Book!

Have a two-week advance on your happy Valentine’s, courtesy of the library!

A zombie in love (Scott Campbell)
A zombie in love (Scott Campbell)

We’re celebrating by hosting Blind Date With a Book again this year!  Here’s how it works:

  • There is a display here at the library.  On display are several wrapped-up books.  Each one has a little blurb about itself on the front.
  • If you find a book that intrigues you, bring it on up to the Circulation Desk and check it out!  Just don’t unwrap it until it’s checked out!!
  • You can also pick up a Rate Your Date Card, which you can take with your book.
  • Bring your book date to your favorite reading spot, and then start reading!
  • When you’re finished, bring the book back with the Rate Your Date Card, and tell us how it went!
Choo-choo-choose a book for Valentine's Day!
Choo-choo-choose a book for Valentine’s Day!

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