Adult Summer Reading Program 2013 TEASER!

The theme for the 2013 Adult Summer Reading program is



No, I don’t know why, either.  Ask the Collaborative Summer Library Program.  The big theme this summer is “Dig Into Reading,” and we adults get the sub-theme “Groundbreaking Reads.”   I guess we shouldn’t complain, the young adults get the even more vague “Beneath the Surface.”  Which, confusingly, is represented by a picture of an airship.

But I digress.  Groundbreaking Reads!

Here’s how it works: You sign up and fill out a registration form at the circulation desk.  For every book you read, you fill out a review sheet and turn it in at the desk, and we’ll put it up on our bulletin board for other patrons to see.  You get extra points if you read a Groundbreaking book.  And what is a Groundbreaking book?  Here are some ideas:

  • Archealogy
  • Geology
  • Construction
  • Burrowing Animals/Insects
The kids get to read mole-centric stories.  Why not us?
Kids get to read about moles and badgers and bunnies all the time. Why can’t we?

But don’t feel as though you’re required to choose from our lists or read on a theme–we really just want you to read, and to share your reviews with us!  Sign-ups will begin on July 1st, so stay tuned!



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