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Book Love

For Valentine’s Day this year I shamelessly stole this fantastic display idea: Blind Date With A Book!

Mine didn't look as nice as the Cranbury Public Library's, but this is the general idea.
Mine didn’t look as nice as the Cranbury Public Library’s, but this is the general idea.

The idea is that you check the book out without knowing what it is, and then unwrap it and read it (or not) when you get home.  First, I chose novels completely at random from our adult fiction collection.  I wrapped them in pink and red paper with Valentine-y designs, and put up a sign inviting folks to pick a blind date. I also included “Rate Your Date” cards for patrons to fill out about their experience.  Still waiting on those, but once some are returned I’ll be posting the results here.

While there was lots of positive response and many of the books went out, there were three poor little books who just couldn’t get a date.  Not even a pity blind date!  I feel especially bad for Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves–that book would’ve made someone a charming date for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re in the mood for a book date, stop on by the library.  We’d be happy to fix you up any day of the year.





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