Simply Books! October 2012 Meeting

We were marvelously back to form this month, with passionate discussions that took us well past the hour mark!

Admittedly, a lot of that time was me dweebing out about the latest Thursday Next book, but more about that after the jump.

Yeah…I sort of dominated the beginning of the meeting.  Bad form for the librarian facilitator, I know. What can I say?  When it comes to Reader Types, as outlined by The Atlantic, I am a Sharer.  Well, a blend of the Sharer and the Critic, perhaps–when I love, I love deeply and dorkily, and I love Jasper Fforde.  I also love Thursday Next, and I love the Thursday Next series.

I’m dangerously close to geeking out again.  I’ll just leave you a link to Jasper Fforde’s website.  Here.  Oh!  And this article from the New York Times, just because it made me really happy to read it.  Especially the part about how Fforde worked on the set of the Pirates of Penzance movie with Kevin Kline and Angela Lansbury.

Geeking, I know.  I’ll stop……After this one last thing:

I totally have a copy of this signed by Fforde. It is a neat thing to have.

Now I’ll really stop.  For real.

Once I finally got done, the conversation really picked up when we started talking about dystopian fiction.  The general question “Why are there so many stories about dystopias, particularly with female protagonists, so prevalent lately?” led in many different directions.  I wish I’d taken better notes, because there were lots of insightful comments and insights about society in general, the state of the world, the media, politics, and about being a young adult nowadays.

Here’s our booklist for the month:

The Foremost Good Fortune by Susan Conley
Beautifully written, really paints a vivid picture.  Conley’s determination to build a life for herself and her children in a completely different culture is great to read about.

Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake by Anna Quindlen
Reading this memoir is like sitting down with an acquaintance and talking about life and ideas.  Highly recommended for women who are in their fifties–you’ll be hooked by the first paragraph.  Great voice, and more enjoyable than her novels.  One to re-read.

San Miguel by T.C. Boyle
An historical, generational novel about the isolation of island living, and about marriage.  Intriguing.

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Better than “The Hunger Games”!  A dystopian future society where everyone must choose a faction based on aptitude–for bravery, intelligence, honesty, selflessness, or peace.  The story revolves around the in-fighting between factions, and a girl who is “divergent”–equally fitted to more than one faction.

Matched by Ally Condie
Another dystopian society, where The Society chooses everything
for you, right down to your mate and the food you eat, at the expense of personal freedom.

The Woman Who Died A Lot by Jasper Fforde
The seventh and latest book in the Thursday Next series, which is a genre-bending series about a woman who works for the Literary Detectives, responsible for protecting the written word.  It’s part sci-fi, part fantasy, part adventure, part humor–a great romp for those who love literature.

So that was our October meeting!  Tons of fun, and can’t wait for the next one.  We’ll meet again on Saturday, November 3, at 2pm in the Jean Picker Room.



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