“Vacationland” Reading Challenge

Here we are, readers–the reading challenge for what’s left of our summer here on the coast of Maine!  The challenge is to read four books that suit four different descriptions (outlined below), during the month of August.  The theme is Summer in Vacationland.

Vacationland Summer Reading Challenge: August 2012

1)Because it’s Vacationland, read one book that deals with a vacation.  It can be fiction or nonfiction, about a family trip, a road trip, a solo venture, as long as it has to do with taking a trip!

2)In honor of the season, read one novel that has the word “summer” in the title.

3)Lobsters are RED (when cooked!), and blueberries are BLUE.   To celebrate these two Maine summer staples, read one novel that has either the word “red” or the word “blue” in the title.  Or both!

4)What’s summer in Vacationland without some time on the water?  Read one book, fiction or nonfiction, that has some connection to the ocean or the beach–in the title, as the setting, or as the primary subject of a nonfiction work.

Look after the jump for the rules, as well as how to participate if you haven’t got a blog.  And info on PRIZES!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in this reading challenge.  The challenge begins on Wednesday, August 1st, and will end on September 1st.  You’ll have the whole month of August to read whichever four books you choose.

If you have a blog, great!  Make a post committing to the challenge, and also give your reading list, if you’ve decided on one in advance.  Every time you finish a book, post a little review.  Be sure to link back to https://cplreaderscorner.wordpress.com, or send a link to your post to Marie at mmerrifield@librarycamden.org.  That way we can all see what you’re reading!

If you don’t have a blog, that’s also great!  You can pick up a Reading Challenge Sheet that lists each of the categories, and has a space for you to review each one.   You’ll find them in the Staff Picks display area on the first floor.  Once you’ve completed your reviews, you can hand in your sheet at the Circulation Desk at the library, and Marie will post your reading here on the CPL Readers Corner blog.

I’ll post my own reading list next week, and I’ll be keeping up with reviews for the challenge here on the blog.

To recap:  To complete this challenge, you must read four books, one that fits each category.  After you read each book, write up a little review/reaction, either on your blog or on your hard-copy challenge sheet.  This challenge officially begins on August 1st, and will end September 1st.



If you complete the challenge, your prize will be the satisfaction of a job well done.

Just kidding.

There will be ACTUAL little prizes for those who complete the challenge by September 1st!  In addition to the satisfaction of a job well done.

And if I turn out to be the only one who participates, I get a prize.  A really nice one.  Just for me.

I’m only kind of kidding.

So there you have it!  Post a comment with any questions, or send me an email at mmerrifield@librarycamden.org.

–Marie, who is thinking about prizes


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